Pignoletto DOC La Guardia

Area of production: Comune di Castelvetro –  Modena ***Collina***

( Municipality of Castelvetro – Modena *** Hill)

Type of soils: Argilloso ( Clayey)
Annual production of bottles: 2018
Altitude of vineyard: 158 mt.
n. of Hectares 14 Tot.
Density of plantings plants/hectare: Nr. 3.500 /Ettaro ( Plants / Hectare)
Grape varietals: 100% Pignoletto
Vinification:  Metodo Charmat  lungo    ( Charmat long method)
Ageing in bottle:
Alcohol: 11,50-12,50% Vol.
Total acidity: 7,00-8,00 g/L
Residual sugar: 12 g/l
n. of bottles produced in 2017

for this wine only


8,00 /750ml

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